How do you deal with the situation where the current terminal doesn't support certain features?

For example, on an old machine running Windows cmd.exe, it would be good to detect that the terminal doesn’t support needed features and exit with a useful error message. What’s the best way to find out whether specific features are available to applications from the current terminal?

I believe, that textual will run on almost every terminal. However, if you are unsure, you could use the platform package within python to get more information about the OS etc.

>>> import platform
>>> platform.platform()
>>> platform.release()

With this information, you can interrupt your code when certain criteria’s are not met.

Again, I do not think that you need to worry about that. Every terminal which can run python3.8 etc. will be able to run textual too, right?

Well, no. For example, on a Windows 8.1 machine running a vanilla Command prompt, this is all you get:

The venvex program runs fine on e.g. Ubuntu. It sort of works on some subset of Windows terminals. For example, on Windows 10 using Python 3.8 and Cmder, I get different results. With cmd.exe:

With PowerShell:

With Bash:

On Ubuntu: