Floating widget in a ScrollView

Hi All

I’m working on my Textualog app and would like to use a ScrollView for a widget that is floating and not always visible. Currently, the concept works without ScrollView. In the screenshot below you see the normal Textualog screen with logging messages displayed in the Records widget. The Record Info displays the summary of the logging record that I selected by clicking.

Whenever I click inside that Record Info widget a new widget pops up with more detailed information from the log message. This is used typically to display traceback information or multiline logging messages. As you can see below, I restricted the detailed view to 20 lines (this includes the border), but there is more info in this traceback that is not shown now. That’s where I would need the ScrollView…

I tried to add a ScrollView to the code similar as done in examples like the code_viewer or the big_table, but my ScrollView will never show (which makes it hard to debug :wink: ) I think this has something to do with the fact that I use z=1 when adding the widget to the dock to make it a floating widget.

Any hints are greatly appreciated.