API stability of css branch and sample code for home page example

Congrats for the update of the website!
I am very eager to integrate textual into some trading application I am working on.

I am currently waiting for the CSS branch to be merged on master. Do you think that the API on the css branch is stable enough to already start working with it as of today?

Also, first thing I wanted to do when browsing through the updated website is to take a look at the source code of the very first animation on the website:

Is it available somewhere at Github? I have probably overseen it :man_facepalming:

The only thing I’ve found is the borders.py example in the CSS branch.

The CSS branch is not yet stable I’m afraid. It will likely change before it is merged.

That example is basic.py which you will find in the sandbox directory. This is where the devs play with new features.

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Thanks for the information! I will wait and see for a more stable API then probably.

Is there anything in particular you need help with testing?

I’m slowly getting up to speed in doing things in Textual, so might soon be able to do thatr.

Not currently. But I’d suspect by mid-June we would have the foundation of docs and more stable APIs. That would probably be a good point to start kicking the tires of the CSS branch.

Perfect. My summer holiday starts mid June, and my plan is four weeks och mainly codecamping at home :slight_smile:

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